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Seven steps of building construction phase

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Having shelters is an ancient issue that human beings have been working on it from the beginning. Building construction projects follows some steps and stages that complete a building. When studies, design, obtaining licenses, and meetings are done this phase starts. Since people had to live in different climates due to population growth and needed buildings that live longer, the construction industry was shaped.

In This article, you are going to learn about the different stages of building construction step by step. Please continue reading and write us comments.

Preparing the building construction site

preparing site for construction

The first step in preparing a site for construction is cleaning it. Before workers start to construct the building, it is required to prepare the land for the next remedial or demolition. Cleaning the site includes removing garbage, machine works, and other unnecessary materials. Some of these removings might need standard approvals. Site trees must be protected from these removals. It is required to have a management plan to manage the disposal legally. In some possible conditions, appropriate materials can be recycled.

Starting construction

The building construction phase includes different steps itself. It starts with excavating the site, and its last steps as interior work and painting the building. Follow reading this article and find out more about each step. 

Step 1: Excavation


Whenever the site cleaning finishes, the excavation step starts. Excavation means removing the ground layers to make the right place for the whole building. There are different actions toward large-scale and small-scale buildings. In the first one machinery, helps it to get done, but in the second one human labor is enough. Based on the material that should be removed, this process can be categorized into various levels. 

Step 2: Foundation


The lowest part of the building that meets the ground is the foundation. To clarify it is the invisible part of the building. The building’s Strength depends on this layer. As a result, it is the most vital part of the construction. In other words, if the best materials are used in the building, a weak foundation can make it collapse one day.

Step 3: Building construction Framing

building construction framing

In this stage, wood frames and steel beams installation in the building to continue the rest of the construction. It’s good to know that this step takes a lot of time, but due to the critical aspect of its importance, a good framing needs enough time. Although new technologies and useful devices can help this stage to complete faster. Some of the types of equipment are the concrete mixer, pumps, and mobile crones. You should know that in almost long projects buying these tools is cheaper than renting them. 

Step 4: Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP)


In this stage, professional engineers design the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing plans. It contains electrical lines, pipes system, lighting wires, gas lines, and other related stuff. As you know these elements might be hiding in the floors, ceiling, and walls, so testing them should be done in this step. When the building is completed these elements might need to be checked or repaired. Therefore, the point and pipe ends should be left out of the walls. make sure that after finishing these wires and pipes are invisible.

Step 5: Exterior


After the MEP stage, plastering of the work starts. To complete the exterior part of the building, a mixture of cement and sand is used. Its thickness should be about 13 to 20 millimeters. This stage helps the building look beautiful and also protects it from weather impacts. 

Step 6: Waterproofing

This stage tries o protect the building from external damage. These structures are created to live long, so all conditions of fluids or winds should be estimated. This stage reduces humidity and keeps the house dry. 

Step 7: Building Construction Painting


The final step in building construction is painting it. Protecting the building from sun and water and also making it charming is the responsibility of this stage. Resistance from water could be adhered to latex paints. Therefore they are more popular on the home’s exterior walls. Using different colors that match can make a building more attractive. 


Building construction is a kind of project that may last forever. Therefore, real estate investment helps you make a lot of money. Demand for houses is something related to the population and as it grows, more demand happens. Preparing these facilities has been an issue from the beginning. This article helped you to get familiar with the different stages of construction. Whether this design could be used for a variety of places and purposes. 

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